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Sheep Classes

Here are the results of the 2023 sheep competition (PDF)

Sheep are a traditional part of every rural show and Weeton Show provides an excellent opportunity to show your sheep with 13 classes catering for a wide range of breeds. From young handlers learning the skills of showing to seasoned breeders/show people, there is a class for everyone.

Online entries preferred but other options available – see links below

Please ensure you have read the Society General Rules and the Sheep Notes prior to completing your entry form – see links below.

Entries Close Sunday 14th July 2024

Sheep Schedule (pdf)
Sheep Exhibitor Notes (PDF)
General Show Rules (PDF)

Exhibitors in this section please note



  1. Please ensure you have read the Society General Rules. Available on the show website.
  2. Entry forms to be sent to the Sheep Secretary:  Christine Morphet - 07443 472245 . Enquiries to sheep@weetonshow.co.uk
  3. Closing date for entries 14th July 2024. Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Sheep Secretary subject to a penalty of £1.00 per class.
  4. No entries accepted on the day.
  5. Entries of £10.00 will entitle the exhibitor to one exhibitor tickets. Posting of exhibitor tickets cannot be guaranteed for late entries. Additional reduced price entry tickets can be purchased on the entry form.
  6. Judging will start promptly at 10.00am
  7. Penning - All sheep must be penned before 9.45am and remain there until 3.30pm
  8. Sheep exhibited at this show must not be freshly dipped and be wet with dip. In preparing sheep for exhibition they must not be treated with a spray containing undiluted or very strong OP dip. Any product used at the show for treating sheep fleece should be marketed as suitable for this purpose and the appropriate precautions followed. Failure to comply will result in prize money being forfeited.
  9. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to complete TWO MOVEMENT FORMS and hand them to the Licence Steward on the show day.
  10. Separate unloading/loading and penning arrangements have been made for sheep for MV accredited flocks. To use these facilities sheep must be accompanied by a valid certificate of status (please state on entry form).
  11. Exhibitors are reminded that it is their responsibility to insure against damage caused by their animals.
  12. Include an A5 SAE with your entry.


Christine Morphet - 07443 472245



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