Weeton Show - Poultry

Poultry Classes

Weeton Show provides an excellent opportunity to show your chickens with 4 classes catering for a wide range of breeds. 

Online entries preferred but other options available – see links below.

Please ensure you have read the Society General Rules prior to completing your entry form – see links below.

Entries Close Sunday 11th July

Poultry Flyer and Class List (PDF)
General Show Rules (PDF)

Covid Announcement

This year only all entry tickets must be purchased in advance to comply with Covid restrictions.

Please ensure you add any extra ticket requirements to your entry form to avoid disappointment at the entry gate on the day!

Exhibitors in this section please note


  1. All exhibitors must conform to the current Ministry Regulations appertaining to the Exhibition of Poultry.  
  2. Please note the Society Rules also apply to this section.
  3. Entry forms to be sent Weeton Show c/o Hickman, 6 St John Drive, North Rigton, Leeds, LS17 0HD. Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope.
  4. Exhibitor tickets will be allocated on the basis of 1 ticket for entry fees paid over £6.00.
  5. All poultry must be on the Showground by 10.00 am.  
  6. Birds must remain penned until 5.00pm on the day of the Show.  
  7. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to feed and water their birds.  
  8. Unhealthy birds must not be exhibited. Such entries will be immediately returned to the owners and the entry fees forfeited.
  9. The title “Male” or “Female” indicates “Cock” or “Cockerel” or “Hen” or “Pullet”.
  10. In the event of the number of entries in any class falling below three, or the number of exhibitors being less than two, the class may be cancelled.
  11. All exhibits shall be bona fide property of the exhibitor.  
  12. No exhibit can be entered in more than one class.
  13. If for any reason a judge is unable to act the Society reserves the right to appoint a substitute.
  14. Closing date for entries 11th July 2021.  
  15. No entries on the day


Andy – 07307 391827


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