Health and Safety

Is the event COVID-19 safe?

To mitigate the risks associated with COVID or any similar type of infectious disease, the show committee reserve the right to implement health and safety restrictions, warnings or guidance at any time and communicate these to visitors on the event website and in person at the event. Visitors experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19, or who have recently been in contact with a person experiencing symptoms, are asked not to attend.

We are being responsible organisers and typically implement a series of measures to ensure our volunteers and visitors feel safe at all times.

These include:

  • Advance tickets only and capping visitor numbers.
  • Adapting the Show to use as much outdoor space as possible.
  • Safety notifications in advance
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We closely monitor official guidance from UK Government and we work closely with Horth Yorkshire County Council.

Covid-19 has now become a disease that we have by and large become far more aware of the consequences but advice may be found from: